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President Granberg Talks with GW Community Members

Engaging with the GW Community

President Granberg joined the GW community as the university's 19th President on July 1. She and her wife, Sonya, have moved into the F Street House and already are meeting many members of the university community.

President Granberg will continue engaging with the campus community in earnest through the summer and fall—attending office and division meetings with staff, gatherings with faculty at all the schools and colleges, and events with students. Beyond the campus community, President Granberg is connecting with key stakeholders in the District and capital region. And beginning in September, she will be on the road, meeting GW's alumni community, families, and friends in several cities across the country. GW Together represents the effort among everyone in the GW community to work in the university's third century toward a collective ambition. 

During these early months in her tenure, President Granberg wants to hear from as many university community members as possible about GW and its work to create a greater world.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts on the questions below. While President Granberg listens and learns, she and the university will share updates here—as the university moves forward together.


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Events for GW Alumni, Families, and Friends

President Granberg is visiting communities throughout the U.S. to meet alumni, families and friends.

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Our incredible community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni is transforming lives and livelihoods, and the opportunity to work together in our third century toward a collective ambition particularly excites me. I will be working hard to meet with and hear from more members of our community in the coming weeks and months. As I continue to listen, I look forward to reporting back to you what I learn.

- Ellen M. Granberg, President




Share Your Thoughts

I want to hear from as many members of our university community as possible about GW and its work to create a greater world.


Share your thoughts on any of the following:

  1. What are GW’s greatest strengths?
  2. What are GW’s greatest opportunities as it enters its third century? What steps can we take to leverage these opportunities?
  3. What are the greatest challenges to GW’s continued excellence? Do you see a solution?
  4. What does the world need most from GW?
  5. What else do you want me to know about GW?