2010 Speeches & Statements Archive

2010 "State of the University" Faculty Assembly

October 05, 2010
Well, let me start by saying that this academic year has gotten off, I think, to a great start and it’s really, I think, an extraordinary achievement to watch something that really began before my arrival here, which was the university’s progress toward becoming a more and more selective institution.

Statement from President Knapp regarding the DREAM Act

September 15, 2010

All young people should have the opportunity to realize their dreams by attaining the highest level of education of which they are capable.

2010 Freshman Convocation

August 29, 2010
Thank you, Dean Cannaday. Class of 2014: welcome!

"A Shared Vision, A Unique Opportunity"

June 12, 2010
"President Ouaouicha; Excellencies; Fellow Trustees; Distinguished Colleagues; and, above all, members of the Al Akhawayn University Class of 2010: Assalamu Alaykum. Peace be upon you. I was deeply honored and humbled by the invitation to address you on this very solemn but also exceedingly joyous occasion."

2010 Charge to the Graduates

May 16, 2010
Ladies and gentlemen: it is now my honor to welcome the Class of 2010 into the lifelong and worldwide community of George Washington University alumni.

A Message from President Knapp about Earth Hour

March 24, 2010
Transforming George Washington into a model of urban sustainability is among the university's priorities. As we consider our own personal contributions to this effort, I invite you to join the Green Living Committee in celebrating "Earth Hour" on Saturday, March 27th.

A Message from President Knapp about the February Snow Storm

February 09, 2010
Many words are being used to describe this week's weather events - snowmaggedon and snowpocalypse among them - but I offer just one word to all of you: Thanks!

A Message from GW's President on Haiti

January 14, 2010
As you know, a tragic situation is unfolding in Haiti following a devastating earthquake. Insofar as we can determine at this time, no George Washington students or employees were in Haiti when the earthquake occurred, but members of our university community do have family and friends there.