Innovation Task Force

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President Knapp created the Innovation Task Force to work towards significantly increasing the university’s investment in academic programs and the student experience. The Innovation Task Force is charged with developing new support from philanthropic sources, increasing the productivity of research and instructional programs and locating savings in university business processes that can be reinvested in faculty, students, and academic initiatives.

To increase reinvestment in the academic enterprise, Dr. Knapp created the Innovation Task Force. Its goal at the end of a five-year-period is to reach an investment level of an additional $60 million dollars per year and double the impact of the current endowment.

To identify what George Washington does well in innovation and efficiency, what should be built upon for the future, and what can be done better in academic and business operations, the task force seeks and evaluates creative ideas from the George Washington community. 

Innovative ideas can be delivered to  To learn more, visit the Innovation Task Force.

Innovation Funds at Work

ITF funding has enabled Columbian College to double the number of its undergraduate advisers.

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