Featured Priorities


President Knapp reviewing student research

“By matching the excellence of our instruction with the strength of our research, we will join the ranks of truly world-class universities and fully ensure the value of the George Washington University degree. In so doing, we will also strengthen our instruction itself. There is no more exciting way to learn than to work with a professor who is pushing a frontier of knowledge, whether the field is neuroscience, early modern literature, environmental engineering, or international law.”  -President Steven Knapp

Diversity and Inclusion

President Knapp with Diane Knapp and GW students

“The George Washington University has a long history of equal opportunity and a strong commitment to diversity. But there is more we can do to build the diversity of our student body, faculty and staff, and to make sure we are providing a welcoming and supportive environment for persons of all backgrounds." -President Steven Knapp

Service and Veterans

President Knapp speaking to students during 2016 Freshman Day of Service

“I have been struck by our students’ passion for changing the world and by the imaginative and intellectually serious way in which they harness that passion by developing concrete, innovative projects.”  -President Steven Knapp

Career Services

GW career fair

“This strong, broadly representative task force is conducting a thorough and thoughtful review of an area of great importance to the students and families who invest in a George Washington education.”  -President Steven Knapp


President Knapp with GW leadership

“We continue to engage the world from this nation’s capital.”  -President Steven Knapp


Solar panels on the roof of a GW building

“By using our campus as a test-bed for renewable energy technologies, we are demonstrating our university’s commitment to becoming a model of urban sustainability.”  -President Steven Knapp


Urban Food Task Force

President Knapp eating apples with Diane Knapp and Chef Jose Andres

“Our students are really interested in different issues around food, whether it’s beekeeping, food access, food security or public health.  Students are looking for schools that are addressing food issues; they want more courses and involvement.” -Diane Robinson Knapp