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Undergraduate Students

Career services enhancements will involve a proactive, intentional, structured, and developmental model that will provide:

  • Assessment, skill building, and exploration activities to assist students from the beginning of their time at GW— Colonial Inauguration—to help them shape their decisions about academic majors and career goals.
  • Industry/discipline-specialized services to support the transition to meaningful employment and other activities following graduation:
    • Arts, Media, and Communication
    • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
    • Public Policy, Government, Law, and International Development and Affairs
    • Health Sciences, Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health
    • Education, Training, and Social Services
    • Business and Economics

This individualized structure continues throughout the undergraduate experience with services and programs that are both developmentally-oriented and are sufficiently specialized to the career-related preferences, interests, and values of these students, and prepares them to transition to being engaged alumni and citizens—all of which incorporates career and academic milestones and delivered in a new physical space that is aligned with other student life and academic enrichment functions.

Services for undergraduates within the School of Business will continue to be maintained by the GWSB-F. David Fowler Career Center, but the Fowler Center's services will be expanded to serve non-business students with a demonstrated interest in business-related careers.

Graduate Students

The enhancements will continue to include and expand upon school and program-specific career services which will:

  • Recognize the students’ motivations for seeking graduate education
  • Harness their career-related preparation to date
  • Be tailored to the specific employment opportunities that are connected with each graduate program as well as the various ways in which graduate education is delivered throughout the university
  • Prepare students to transition to being engaged alumni and citizens

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Continuing connections with alumni

The career services enhancements will build upon the GW tradition of community by supporting and engaging alumni beyond their graduation from the university with services tailored to their professional backgrounds and interests, building institutional affinity and involvement and reinforcing the value of their GW education.

GW career services serve as a gateway for alumni to:

  • Explore new career directions and professional development
  • Access employers representing a variety of industries
  • Expand and broaden the GW alumni network and exchange career advice with fellow alumni
  • Engage with current students through career mentoring and advising
  • Continue the GW legacy by recruiting and hiring current students and fellow alumni

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Engaging parents as career development partners

For parents, the enhancements support their connection with career services offerings tailored to their professional backgrounds and interests and allows them to make a meaningful contribution to the career development of the current students with whom they interact.

The enhancements enable parents to:

  • Develop a deeper, more structured involvement with the career development of their students
  • Encourage and support their students in structured and intentional ways to explore and discover career options
  • Mentor and educate students by providing their own employment and career experiences and expertise to students 
  • Serve as employers on panels and workshops and participate at fairs and industry expos

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Read GW Hatchet article: "Career Center to Pull Parents for Job-Hunting Help"

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Connecting employers to students and alumni

Partnerships with employers will be expanded upon and enhanced through comprehensive efforts to:

  • Develop, manage, and maintain strong alliances with a diverse array of local, national and international, public and private businesses, government agencies, and community organizations by addressing their individual personnel needs
  • Provide a centralized access point for organizations to connect with our students and alumni who are seeking employment and internship opportunities
  • Educate students and alumni on national and global employment trends and opportunities, employer expectations, work environments, interview skills and etiquette, etc., so that they will be prepared, motivated and dedicated employees needed to succeed in a competitive, global environment
  • Enable coordinated, comprehensive, and mutually-beneficial relationships across the university tailored to the individual needs of organizations

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Faculty and Academic Advisors 

Engaging faculty as experiential learning partners

An emphasis on the interrelation of career development and academics at the university will be further enhanced, and will strengthen and expand interactions between career services staff and faculty.

The career services enhancements will accomplish this goal by:

  • Enhancing knowledge in action by promoting meaningful experiential learning opportunities such as internships, volunteerism and civic engagement, research, study abroad, service-learning, and part-time work that complement the academic curriculum and enable students to gain career insights through practical, hands-on experiences
  • Establishing opportunities for career services staff and faculty to create career development programs and classes together that harmonizes career and academic development  

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